You've reached the online home of The Erisian Empire.  

    We've claimed the dwarf planet Eris, and it's moon Dysnomia.  

    We're now the rightful owners and rulers of that planetary system.  We called dibs.  


    Once a small and nomadic micronation --

    The Vividian Kingdom has staked a claim on it's own territory.

    The dwarf planet Eris is ours (and it's little moon, too)!


    With this claim we now decree

    The Kingdom of Vivid an extinct state,

    evolved into what is now The Erisian Empire!






    Venture with us as we reach for the heavens.

    Become a citizen of our interplanetary government.

  • FAQ

    Actually, these are just questions we wanted to answer.

    What was the Vividian Kingdom?

    September 18th, 2010 - April 30th, 2016

    Queen Lodane, and her courtiers, began the Kingdom of Vivid as a social experiment and educational adventure. The Vividian Kingdom was established to learn about concepts such as caste systems, economics, historical and modern politics, monarchies, theocracies, heraldry, vexillology, civil engineering, and more.

    It was executed through personal interaction using artificial social constructs, establishment of state holidays, assignment of esteemed positions, social networking among citizens, and a loose foundation of a legal philosophy.

    What is the Erisian Empire?

    A New Beginning

    At 11:11 AM on the day of April 30th, 2016: From the ashes of the Vividian Kingdom, the Erisian Empire did arise. At that glorious and historic moment, Queen Lodane established herself the sovereign owner and ruler of the dwarf planet commonly known as Eris (along with it's moon Dysnomia), simply by declaring it so.


    This planetary system is now under the protection and rule of what will henceforth be known as the Erisian Empire.

    Doesn't the U.N.'s Outer Space Treaty of 1967 prevent this kind of land claim on celestial bodies?

    a.k.a. the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies

    Yes, it's true, the United Nations declared that it's member nations could not make claims on celestial bodies, and that they belonged to all mankind (and, theoretically, whatever else lives out there).

    The Vividian Kingdom, as a nomadic micronation, was never a member of the United Nations. They do not recognize the authority of micronations (even Sealand!), therefore, we do not recognize their authority regarding the actions of micronations.

    What is the difference between 'Erisian' and 'Eridian'?

    Eridian is the not preferred nomenclature, Dude.

    Two terms from two differing schools. 'Erisian' and 'Discordian' are the well established adjectives for followers of the Greco-Roman Goddess, for which the planet is named.

    'Eridian' is the adjective established by the scientific community as a sort of "geographical" term describing the planetary system and things with which it is associated. It's just been thrust on all of us, and now we have to figure out what to do with it. [EXAGGERATED SIGH]

    As a result, the imperial leaders prefer Erisian when describing the empire, government, culture, and citizens. Eridian would be appropriate when describing exported goods, the planetary landscape, the planet's satellites, or travel to the sector.

    However, using them interchangeably is harmless and not altogether discouraged.

    Are you serious?

    Is anyone serious? Are you serious, man? What is "serious", anyway?

    Yes. We are seriously applying micronation tactics to an interplanetary level. Previously, others have claimed to own Luna and Mars, and even sold deeds of land -- we claim minor-planet designation 136199 Eris for our own sovereign nation and territory.


    Learn more about our cultural iconography and symbolism.

    Planetary Flag of Eris

    Planetary Flag of ERIS

    Gold horizontal Hand of Eris charge on a royal purple field.

    The Hand of Eris: two opposing arrows converging into a common point, representing both conflict and balance. Mathematically it's utilized to represent 'proof by contradiction'.

    • Royal Purple: the noble nature of all Erisian citizens. 
    • Gold: the shared wealth of ideals and philosophical prosperity of the empire. 
    • Aspect Ratio - 2:3
    Lunar Flag of Dysnomia

    Lunar Flag of DYSNOMIA

    White symbol of Dysnomia charge on a black field with five Venetian teeth on the fly.

    The symbol of Dysnomia: two colliding Deltas, styled after the Hand of Eris' arrows.

    (Currently no official name for this symbol, so, we're just calling it "Double D" for now.)

    Teeth adopted from the Vividian flag, which was originally a tribute to the flag of Cospaia.

    • Number of teeth: the "Law of Fives." 
    • Black (field): War.
    • White (charge): Peace.
    • Aspect Ratio - 2:3
    Lodane's Royal Coat of Arms

    The Royal Coat of Arms

    Argent chaos star charge on a black field.

    Apple of Discord crest, holly branch supporters.

    Personal coat of arms for Empress Lodane.

    • Chaos Star (charge): modern symbol of chaos beneath a square pyramid pointing outward.
    • Argent (charge): Purity.
    • Sable (field): Revolution.
    • Apple of Discord (crest): aurum, mythological symbol of The Original Snub.
    • Holly Branches (supporters): Truth, Thriving in adversity.
    • Ex Angustia, Ultio (motto): From Anguish, Vengeance.
  • Empress Lodane Erisian

    Royal Portraiture by Sibek Korin


    Questions? Suggestions? Admirations?

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